Testimonials from Our Patients

"After a long, hard day in the field, most times you come off feeling, stiff, tired and sore; it’s at those moments when I chuckle to myself. You see, I know I’m in great hands with Seraj, Mr Physio our twelfth man "
Darren Gough
England and Yorkshire Cricketer
"Since I’ve already missed one season of playing football with a bad back problem, I thought that I’d have to hang up my boots forever. Now I’m Back in the gym and in pre-season training, my Christmas present has come early, thank you "
Andy Moorhouse
"For six years my life was a misery. I was on 400 pain killing tablets every month, and felt like I was being pushed from pillar to post from one hospital to another. I was understandably anxious and nervous when I met Seraj…what a change; Now after several meetings my pain has gone and so have the tablets, but what’s really made my life happier is that I enjoy my walks, the Rugby and even going shopping. Really appreciate your advice, reassurances and treatment. Thank you "
Albert Rainer
"I love going to the gym but my knee was causing me real pain. The thought of missing the gym was awful. Thankfully Seraj used his sports injuries expertise to develop a programme where I could still go to the gym and protect my knee at the same time. I was so pleased. Now I am fully recovered and fighting fit. Thank you for your advice "
Mary Marie
"I suffered whiplash injuries in a road traffic accident which caused severe headaches, back and neck pain. After my course of physiotherapy I was delighted to find all these symptoms had disappeared "
Mal Booth

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